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This is my version of Leonard Cohen’s amazing song, ” Famous Blue Raincoat.”

I’ve always sung, and I’ve played guitar badly for a while.  But this is the first time since I was maybe six that I’ve recorded myself… definatly the first time I”ve ever put in harmonies.

I am sorry about all the background buzz… I hae no idea what to do about that, since I have no equipment.

There is so much wrong with the recording… It was done with a crappy guitar and recorded with whatever mic my crappy acer laptop has built in.  And I was all slouchied on my sofa when I was singing so I’mm all kinds of wobbly and unsupported, and my guitar playing falls aprt towards the end, and the lead vocals are too loud in the mix… and  I just improv’d the harmonies… and everything was one shot and done… I make weird noise in a couple of placed when I bottom out on a low note and really this is worse than a little kid with a fisher price tape player…. but….

I want to start making music and yeah… here’s a start.

thanks to Michael Reed for being so encouraging.

I am sorry for taging Michael Reed in this post

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